Ida Tsang

出生地點: 加拿大

年齡: 24

身高: 5'6"

三圍: 33", 24", 36"

體重: 116磅

**Place of Birth:** Canada **Age:** 24 **Height:** 5’6” **Measurements:** 33", 24", 36" **Weight:** 116lbs
**星座:** 雙魚座 **學歷:** 大學 **職業:** 護士 **能操語言:** 英語、粵語 **興趣:** 烹飪、登山、鍛煉、唱歌、旅遊、攝影、瑜伽 **志願/目標:** 成為一個堅強而獨立的女性,才能讓我的父母自豪。
**Horoscope:** Pisces **Education:** University **Occupation:** Registered Nurse **Languages Spoken:** English, Cantonese**‍** **Hobbies:** Hiking, Working Out, Singing, Travelling,Photography, Yoga **Ambition/Goal:** To be a strong and independent woman so that I can make my parents proud.
1. 你會怎樣定義“美麗”?


2. 你認爲華裔小姐要具備什麽條件和素質?


3. 請講出自己的2個優點和2個需要改善的地方?

我擁有的兩個優點包括: 我是一個注重細節的人及能夠觀言察色。 這使我成為一個更有同情心的人,並讓我能夠根據他人的需要而作出回應。 兩個需要改進的領域是我的中文能力和才藝。 雖然廣東話是我的第一語言,但我相信在閱讀和寫作能力方面仍有很大的進步空間。 其次,我還想進一步拓展我的才能,除了唱歌外還可以學習不同類型的舞蹈,為決賽做好準備。

4. 如何可以成為一個更優秀的人?


5. 你會怎樣處理負面留言?

我會感謝這個人的反饋,看看自己可以做些什麼去改變。 如果批評是負面的,我會輕鬆看待並繼續我的生活。

6. 如果有機會代表多倫多,你希望觀眾暸解多倫多的哪一面?

如果我有機會代表多倫多,我想讓觀眾了解各色各樣的多倫多及其多元文化。 多倫多歡迎大家!

7. 什麼你會報名參加2019多倫多華裔小姐?

對於許多女孩來說,參加多倫多華裔小姐可能是她們的夢想。一直以來我的夢想是學習唱歌和跳舞並在舞台上展示給觀眾。 實現童年的夢想給了我一種前所未有的成就感。另外,我知道2018年香港小姐冠軍也是修讀護理系的,這也成為我參選的動力。

8. 你認為“幸福”的真正定義是什麼?

幸福是一項內在的工作。 你可以選擇繼續尋找快樂泉源,也可以讓悲傷主導你的情緒。

9. 如果你能和歷史上任何一個人共進晚餐, 你會是選誰? 為什麼?

我會與我已故的祖父母共進晚餐。 我與祖父母沒有太多相聚的回憶,所以我真的想知道他們是怎麼樣的,並從他們那裡獲得一些智慧與經驗。

10. 你覺得成功是甚麼?


1. What is the true definition of “beauty”?

I believe that true beauty comes from within. To me, beauty is about being genuine and sincere, not only through words but also through action. A person is truly beautiful when they put their needs or wants aside to help others. The light of beauty shines internally and illuminates every part of us to have a beautiful heart, mind and soul.

2. What conditions and qualities do you think a Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant contestant should have?

Some of the qualities and conditions I think a Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant contestant should have includes: strong willpower, honesty, selflessness, willingness to learn and someone who strives to be a role model for others.

3. List two of your strengths and two areas for improvement.

Two advantages that I believe I have are that I am a detail-orientated person and am able to easily read other people’s emotions. This makes me a more empathetic person and gives me the ability to connect with others as needed. Two areas for improvement would be my Chinese and talent. Although Cantonese is my first language, I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of my reading and writing abilities. Secondly, I would also like to further expand my talents beyond just singing to possibly learning different types of dances for the show.

4. How would one become a better person?

Always be selfless. Be willing to learn and improve.

5. How would you deal with criticism?

I would thank the person for their feedback and see what I can do to improve. If the criticism is negative, I would brush it off and continue on with my life.

6. If you had an opportunity to represent Toronto, which side of Toronto would you want the audience to see?

If I had an opportunity to represent Toronto, I would want to let the audience know how diverse and multi-cultural Toronto is. Toronto welcomes everyone!

7. What motivated you to sign up for the 2019 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant?

Likewise, as to many other girls who auditioned, I think it is probably every girls’ dream to be part of a pageant. It has always been a dream of mine to learn to sing and dance and be able to showcase it on stage one day. Being able to fulfill my childhood will give me a sense of achievement. I also got motivated this year when I found out that 2018 Miss Hong Kong also studied Nursing.

8. In your opinion, what is the true definition of “happiness”?

Happiness is within us, it is a choice. Happiness is an inner job. You can choose to be happy by swimming to look for it or you can let sadness overtake you.

9. If you can have a dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

I would probably eat dinner with one of my late grandparents. I do not have many memories, or even any memories, with most of my grandparents. I would really want to know how they were like and gain some words of wisdom from them.

10. What is your definition of success?

Success is happiness. I also believe if you are happy with where you are and who you are right now, you are already succeeding in life.