Joely Ho

出生地點: 加拿大

年齡: 23

身高: 5'8"

三圍: 33", 26", 37"

體重: 125磅

**Place of Birth:** Canada **Age:** 23 **Height:** 5’8” **Measurements:** 33", 26", 37" **Weight:** 125lbs
**星座:** 射手座 **學歷:** 大學 **職業:** 銀行業務助理 **能操語言:** 英文 、粵語、國語、法語 **興趣:** 唱歌、做運動、旅行、跳舞 **志願/目標:** 我的志向是要帶著陽光的態度成為更好的我。
**Horoscope:** Sagittarius **Education:** University **Occupation:** Personal Banking Associate **Languages Spoken:** English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French **Hobbies:** Singing, Exercising, Travelling,Dancing **Ambition/Goal:** To grow into a better version of myself, while spreading positivity wherever I go.
1. 你會怎樣定義“美麗”?


2. 你認爲華裔小姐要具備什麽條件和素質?


3. 請講出自己的2個優點和2個需要改善的地方?

我的兩個優點是我聰明的個性和對他人關懷。 我需要改進的地方有兩個,那就是我的時間管理技巧和令自己過度勞累。

4. 如何可以成為一個更優秀的人?


5. 你會怎樣處理負面留言?


6. 如果有機會代表多倫多,你希望觀眾暸解多倫多的哪一面?

我希望觀眾能夠了解多倫多華人的歷史,所以我會從唐人街開始介紹。 唐人街充滿活力,與華人如何在多倫多建立強大的影響力有著密切的關係。

7. 什麼你會報名參加2019多倫多華裔小姐?

把握機會學習和宣揚美好的信息。 我想更了解中國關於美的文化,並為華人年輕女性提倡自我肯定和健康的體態美。

8. 你認為“幸福”的真正定義是什麼?

幸福是簡單的樂事。 例如,我媽媽做的一碗熱湯,或者看著我的兄弟姐妹和侄女長大。 這些事情雖然很簡單,但卻溫馨了我的心靈。

9. 如果你能和歷史上任何一個人共進晚餐, 你會是選誰? 為什麼?

我會和武則天共進晚餐。 有些人會覺得她聲名狼藉,也有人覺得她能鼓舞他人。 我不想專注於內部的宮廷政治和八卦,反而希望能夠了解更多她在一個男性主導的社會中倡導女性權利時的前衛觀點。

10. 你覺得成功是甚麼?

「能笑到最後的才是贏家」。 只有快樂的人才能真正被認為是成功的,因為他們能在生活中找到了最多的成就。

1. What is the true definition of “beauty”?

To be beautiful is to be sincere and caring of those around you and to always carry a genuine smile.

2. What conditions and qualities do you think a Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant contestant should have?

Miss Chinese Toronto should be charismatic, generous, and philanthropic, and always trying to improve the welfare of others.

3. List two of your strengths and two areas for improvement.

2 of my advantages are my bright personality and genuine care for the welfare of others. 2 of my areas for improvement are my time management skills and tendency to overwork myself.

4. How would one become a better person?

A better person is one who focuses, commits to responsibilities, and delivers while caring for the welfare of others.

5. How would you deal with criticism?

I feel that criticism has raw power to motivate an individual to perform better, so I do not pay too much attention to the negative tone of the criticism and rather focus on how I can improve myself with the actual content.

6. If you had an opportunity to represent Toronto, which side of Toronto would you want the audience to see?

I would love for the audience to understand the history of the Chinese in Toronto, so I would start with Chinatown. Chinatown has a vibrant history that is closely related to how the Chinese have established a strong presence in Toronto

7. What motivated you to sign up for the 2019 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant?

Opportunities to learn and advocate. I would like to know more about the culture behind Chinese beauty, and to advocate for self-esteem and positive body image for young Chinese women.

8. In your opinion, what is the true definition of “happiness”?

Happiness are simple pleasures; for example, a warm bowl of soup my mother makes, or watching my siblings and nieces grow. These things are simple, but they nurture the heart and soul.

9. If you can have a dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with Wu Zetian. Infamous to some, inspirational to others. Instead of focusing on the inner palace politics and gossip, I would love to learn more about her avant-garde views for her time in advocating female rights in a very male-dominated society.

10. What is your definition of success?

“He who laughs last, laughs best.” Only happy people may be truly considered successful, because they find the most fulfillment in their lives.