Jessica Leung

出生地點: 加拿大

年齡: 26

身高: 5'5"

三圍: 33", 25", 36"

體重: 120磅

**Place of Birth:** Canada **Age:** 26 **Height:** 5’5” **Measurements:** 33", 25", 36" **Weight:** 120lbs
**星座:** 巨蟹座 **學歷:** 大學 **職業:** 音樂和法文教師 **能操語言:** 英語、粵語、法語 **興趣:** 作歌、唱歌、跳舞、運動、登山、健康煮食 **志願/目標:**  支持和啟發社區中的年輕人,用藝術表達出一個健康的內心世界;並積極提倡身心健康。
**Horoscope:** Cancer **Education:** University **Occupation:** Music and French Teacher **Languages Spoken:** English, Cantonese, French **Hobbies:** Songwriting, Singing, Dancing, Boxing, Exercising, Hiking, Healthy Cooking **Ambition/Goal:** To support and inspire people in any community to use the arts as a healthy outlet for expression, and to promote physical and mental wellness as an essential part of everyday life.
1. 你會怎樣定義“美麗”?


2. 你認爲華裔小姐要具備什麽條件和素質?


3. 請講出自己的2個優點和2個需要改善的地方?

我的優點是擁有開放的思想和對學習新事物的好奇心,因為它能使我不斷成長和改善自己的不足。 我的另一個優勢是能夠公開和誠實地表達自己的情感,因為它可以讓我更深入地與人交流。 我想改進自己的中文閱讀和廣東話及普通話的能力。懂得流利的中文語言使我能夠暢順地傳達我的想法。 另一項我嘗試積極地改進的是將我所有的活動安排得井井有條,以確保我在工作和個人時間都是充實而有效率的,但重要的是要確保我能做好一切。

4. 如何可以成為一個更優秀的人?


5. 你會怎樣處理負面留言?

對我來說,懂得區別善意的鼓勵而變得更好的建設性反饋,及只管破壞而沒有成效的評論是非常重要的,我對反饋意見要努力保持開放的態度並予以接受。 更重要的是不要讓他人的意見及看法去主宰自己的自尊和決策。不要讓批評影響自己的自信心、心理健康和整體發展。

6. 如果有機會代表多倫多,你希望觀眾暸解多倫多的哪一面?

我希望每一個人能多了解那些專注健康和保健等的社區建設,就像那些社區培育的戶外公園,如沿途有多倫多海濱自行車道的Trinity Bellwoods公園,以及High Park和Toronto Music Garden等寧靜的空間。 我還希望與他人分享可以促進身體健康的餐館、咖啡館和商店,展示他們對可持續發展和環境保育的奉獻。 例如一些可重複使用的袋子和吸管、可持續採購的食物和有機食品等。 最終,我想鼓勵周遭的人探索那些可以讓我們照顧好自己的身體、思想的地方,好好享受我們正生活的美麗都市。

7. 什麼你會報名參加2019多倫多華裔小姐?

作為今年選美的其中一名候選佳麗,2019多倫多華裔小姐為我提供了一個特殊的平台讓我能夠激發青年人探索和學習藝術,勇於表達自己。 作為一名創作歌手,我熱衷於與他人分享我的原創音樂,可以為他人的生活增添更多意義。

8. 你認為“幸福”的真正定義是什麼?

對我而言,真正的幸福意味著活在當下,即使它會起伏不定,也要享受著生活中的每一刻。 幸福也意味著與朋友和家人一起時所帶來的歸屬感、溫暖和支持。 它給我帶來了最大的快樂,令我感到被愛。

9. 如果你能和歷史上任何一個人共進晚餐, 你會是選誰? 為什麼?

由於我對如何從自然的方法中獲得健康和幸福感到興趣,我很想和歷史上著名的中醫師共進晚餐。 如果可以,我特別想向明代中醫李時珍學習,了解數千年中醫的起源以及不同的中草藥如何用於治療不同的疾病。

10. 你覺得成功是甚麼?

成功就是保持良好的身心健康,以有意義及正面的方式啟發別人生活。就我來說,當我看到學生提高並增加對音樂技能的信心,以及受到我的啟發繼續探索音樂時,我感到很成功。除此之外,當我所創作及演唱的音樂可以在深層次的情感上安慰和鼓勵他人時,我也感到很完滿。 總括來說,當我參與有意義的工作時能夠幫助别人,或者能夠得到家人及朋友的支持和愛,這就是成功的生活。

1. What is the true definition of “beauty”?

To me, “beauty” means to be physically and mentally healthy, but to also be kind and be able to make people around them feel warmth and joy.

2. What conditions and qualities do you think a Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant contestant should have?

I think that Miss Chinese Toronto should always work towards good physical and mental health, as well as spread positivity and kindness to everyone. It is important for her to take responsibility to connect with and understand her community, so that she can lead initiatives that can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

3. List two of your strengths and two areas for improvement.

One strength of mine is being open-minded and curious to new experiencs, as it allows me to constantly grow and improve myself. Another strength of mine is being able to express my emotions openly and honestly with others, as it allows me to connect more deeply with others. I would like to improve on reading and speaking Cantonese, as well as Mandarin, as I think they are both important languages that I care deeply about. Another improvement I actively try to make is staying organized with all my activities so that I ensure that I am productive in both my work and personal time.

4. How would one become a better person?

To become a better person, I remember to learn from my mistakes, as well as admit and apologize when I’m wrong and have hurt others. Furthermore, always being honest and genuine is of utmost importance, because it is through that vulnerable state of being where we can learn and feel that we subsequently grow the most.

5. How would you deal with criticism?

I strive to be open-minded with feedback. However, it is important not to let your decision making and self-esteem be solely based on another person’s opinion of you.

6. If you had an opportunity to represent Toronto, which side of Toronto would you want the audience to see?

I would like people to be more familiar with the spaces that focus on their health and wellness, whether that be outdoor parks that foster community. I would also like to introduce others to the multitude of restaurants and stores that promote physical health and demonstrate their dedication to being sustainable and mindful of the environment.

7. What motivated you to sign up for the 2019 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant?

Being a part of this year’s pageant gives me a special platform for me to inspire youth to explore and learn about the arts as a way to express themselves. As a singer-songwriter, I am passionate about sharing my original music with others, with the hope that I can add more meaning to their lives.

8. In your opinion, what is the true definition of “happiness”?

To me, true happiness means to be fully present, and enjoying every moment in life, even through all its ups and downs. Happiness also means to feel belonging, warmth and support from my friends and family.

9. If you can have a dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

As I am interested in natural methods to attain good health and well-being, I would love to have dinner with Li Shizhen, a herbalist from the Ming Dynasty. I want to understand how different herbs have been used to heal for thousands of years.

10. What is your definition of success?

To me, being successful is to be in good physical and mental health, and to be someone that positively impacts people’s lives in a meaningful way. If I do meaningful work that helps people, I am in good health and I am able to support and be loved by my family and friends, that will be a successful life to me.