Bamburgh Dental Office - Dr. Edward Lee牙科醫生主題贊助 之2019多倫多華裔小姐競選「誰是雪白美齒佳麗」投票 經已圓滿結束!

獲獎佳麗: 3號 曾珮玲

得獎觀眾:Joey Liu (將以電話/電郵通知領獎)

得獎觀眾將獲得由Bamburgh Dental Office - Dr. Edward Lee贊助之專業美白牙齒療程一份。

The 2019 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant “Who Has The Brightest Teeth” game has officially come to an end. Thank you to all who voted!

Brightest Teeth Award Winner: #3 Ida Tsang

Lucky winner: Joey Liu (will be contacted by phone/email)

The lucky audience member will receive a professional teeth-whitening treatment, sponsored by Bamburgh Dental Office-Dr. Edward Lee.